Garden DIY

When you have a large concrete area,  anywhere it can look very dull. no matter if its in  a playground a front garden or a patio in the back garden, there is definitely always room for it to be spiced up a little bit, a little green goes a long way, plants can almost revitalize the dullness giving it colour. it is essential to have a certain amount of lighting which can also compliment the greener immensely

Patio doors.

plant pots dotted around the patio area can make the garden look more vibrant and welcoming,  the array of different colours coupled with the aroma of fresh plants is enough to make any garden look complete, it is also a good idea to have some natural traditional wooden patio furniture to complete the look feel and functionality of the space you have in your back garden. dark oaks, or pine goes well with the plants giving an authentic look that will make guests feel right at home.
A UK aluminium Folding patio door will also help with the whole landscape of the garden, giving at an edge in front of normal patios you come across, patio doors evoke space and tidiness

patio doors


within some smaller garden areas the  use of plants can  shine light on the more pleasant parts the garden, plants also attract wildlife, butterflies, bees and other insects bring your garden to life, garden ornaments such as gnomes and other garden statues van have a fantastic effect depending on the shape and size of the garden, I have previously been to a garden that had several gargoyles placed on the outskirts of the whole garden, which was quite eerie but at the same time complimented the look and feel he was trying to go for. the colour of the fencing can influence the look of your garden it is quite important that you choose the right colour and shade, I would suggest a dark brown or bourbon red to distract from anything and leave it as a more neutral colour

As the boundaries are more prominent in smaller gardens these can also be painted to transform them and make them a part of the garden. Outdoor mirrors can be used to give the impression that the garden is larger than it actually is, whilst lighting can add further interest to the garden when the sun goes down.


If you have a small garden it is very easy to be over crowded and be put in the shadow of larger gardens beside you, if you would like to ensure there is a bit more privacy it is advisable to her seating and place it in the corner, near your garden wall or fence, which gives you a more of a secluded are to chill out and be at peace with your garden


Paleo diet tips

The Paleo diet has proven to be an excellent way to lose weight and get toned up, and is a better choice than many of the other diets out there. in the article that follows i am going to explain a few strategies and techniques that will help you along with you weight loss mission, you cant go wrong if you follow these paleo dieting guidelines


Keep your food simple


a huge reason why the paleo diet is so effective for many people is because it allows you to reduce your calorie intake without the need to actively restrict them. Eating simpler foods will lead to you eating less, which of course leads to you shedding more weight with less effort.


To keep your diet simple you want to stick to the basics of a healthy meal which means incorporating a protein like meat or fish, plenty of non starchy vegetables, whole foods, carbs from root vegetables or fruit, and some healthy fats like omega 3. if you are attempting to lose weight, you are better of cooking simple meals that don’t include a host of extra ingredients for flavouring.


Make sure to eat enough


many people who are new to the paleo diet have a belief that less food is always going to be better for them when it comes to losing weight. this belief causes people to deprive their bodies of the vital calories and nutrients it needs to function efficiently and causes more stress on the body. reducing your calorie intake enough will also have the effect of reducing your resting metabolic rate which can cause weight loss to stop or even reverse in some cases. regardless of the diet you are on, starving yourself is never the solution and cause just as many problems as overeating.


Eat enough carbohydrates to support your activity level


Carbohydrate tolerance is highly variable between  different people and while some people can do quite well on a very low carb diet some can’t handle it. The biggest factor usually amounts to the amount and intensity of exercise the individual is doing.


while restricting carbohydrates is not needed it is however important to match your carbohydrate intake to the amount of exercise you do, failure to do this could lead to stalls in weight loss, fatigue, and muscle breakdown if you are over exercising and not consuming enough carbs to match your activity level.


Move around throughout the day

Sitting too much  can reduce the benefits of an exercise program and stall weight loss. Unfortunately, if you work in an office, commute by car and watch a few hours of TV each night, it’s not hard to see how you could spend the vast majority of your waking life (up to 15 hours!) sitting on your butt. And unfortunately, exercise alone isn’t enough to reverse the harmful effects of too much sitting. When it comes to weight loss, getting active throughout the entire day, and not just the 60 minutes you spend at the gym, is a crucial component of a well-rounded regimen.

Power flush procedure boiler replacement

on entering the premises make sure to ask the owner to turn on the boiler to find out whether or not its working, this could save you potential problems later if you are not clear on the working condition of the boiler before the power flush as the customer may blame you for the boiler not working. once you have established the condition of the boiler prepare the premises for the arrival of the equipment by laying dust sheets where necessary. if its a conventional system be sure to locate the pump which is usually near the hot water cylinder, if its a combi system the pump will be inside the boiler. where possible make sure to always attach the power flush machine at the pump an effective power flush can mean a boiler replacement is not needed.


make sure you have access to a mains water supply and adequate drainage. now set up the power flush machine and fill up the power flush drum to half way. if you are power flushing a conventional system you will have to ensure that the cold feed and vent pipes going to the F and E tank are capped off, otherwise the powerflush machine could pump water up into the loft and flood the it.


before fitting the pump adaptor to the pump take off the pump making sure the valves are shut off. attach the pump adaptor and open up the pump valves. depending on how dirty the water is you may want to give the system a pre rinse for half an hour, simple make sure all the radiators are open, turn on the water mains and fill up and empty the drum until the water starts to clear up.


Then we can turn off the mains water with the tank half full and ad power flushing chemicals to the mix. Make sure to turn on the boiler to get the water hot however ensure that the water temperature does not exceed 50 degrees as this could damage the machine. go through each radiator of the central heating system individually, to do this close of the valves of all the radiators except the one you wish to focus on. when that ones done close of that one and open another ect.

once you have gone through all the radiators, make sure to rinse the boiler out and add inhibitor to stop the boiler from rusting any further. Altho a power flush can often solve your boiler problems, in some cases a boiler replacement may be needed.

does your cleaning service have the right insurance

when we think of domestic insurance, we think ot he words dull boring, whatever, not interested, and yes you would be right to think of this, however there is no doubt to every single on of us that insurance is very vital and very important and plays a big part of our lives, there is no two ways about it in this day an age insurance cant be ignored especially with the carpet cleaning industry

imagine if a professional carpet cleaner was to come to your house and provides you with a full carpet cleaning service, even cleans your furniture and upholstery, all Is well the cleaner leaves after you pay him, then disaster strikes you notice a big rip in the top of the material of your sofa, or the rug that the clean becomes discoloured. yes these things happens, it can happen. obviously less likely with professional who know what they doing, but nonetheless its possible.
So you give the carpet and rug cleaner back he arrives at your house inspects the so called issue and admits there is a problem. he assures you not to worry, he has insurance, liability insurance actually and that this would get sorted.
a couple of weeks fly by, and when you have heard nothing back you give the local Essex carpet cleaning company a call again. you get hold of the guy who sheepishly explains that his insurance company are refusing to pay out for the claim at hand. he explains that they have told him almost all insurance companies will cover for damage caused but in the case of damage being cause by cleaning, you are not covered at all

carpet cleaner

So what can you do?

An option is asking the cleaning company to do the honest and reputable thing and replace the sofa, carpet, rug or whatever it is that had been damaged or spoilt, however this is not very likely. if it is a small business or a self employed cleaner he or she will not have that kind disposable income available. so now its very possible that you are left with a heavy bill to sort out all on your own, you well be surprised how often I hear this happen

So what should you do to give you piece of mind?

its not difficult , so no need to stress, what first you’ll need to get a quotation foe a carpet cleaner in essex, if this isn’t possible then get it done before the cleaning , this is a way you can test other aspects of the company such as customer feed back extent of training, quality of equipment, also it is a good idea to ask them to see a copy of their own insurance policy that they would of retrieved from the insurance company they are with, this is when you can double check what they are covered for before you make a decision

the policy should have treatment risk cover, (which protect and covers your items if they are damaged when cleaning, the policy should also have liability insurance

find a leak detection specialist uk

Leaks within your house

we have created this specialized section which explains a lot about leaks as well as leak detection within your property. it goes on to explain who exactly is responsible for fixing leaks within your home and the surrounding area. we let you know what it is you can possible do to aid and quicken the situation at hand and we tell you what we can do to offer our services and offer you hand with a quick and efficient remedy.

water leaks do not occur very often but when they do they are potentially and almost always are very critically damaging to your property. it is very important that these leaks are detected quickly and sorted out as soon as possible. the loss of water also is also a huge waste of money as the water heated up using your gas is lost and not utilized at all

Who is responsible?

The government own the water mains which is used to send your water into your house or place of work this is all linked to the main service pipe. really ad truly the responsibility of the pipe is actually split better both yourselves and the government, there is a imaginary line where responsibility will either fall to your or the government

How do I know if I have a leak?

there are numerous signs that can indicate that you may have a leak somewhere in your property wherever it may be . these signs a not always obvious and do not always occur, so its important that you pay close attention to the suggested indicators in order to locate your leak as soon as possible. this way you will be able to notify a relevant local leak detection specialist in London or the surrounding area. the quicker you act the less damage and the less money you will be forced to fork out

you can also  check the meter reading located either within your home, or otherwise not far from the end of your properties front garden


what can a leak detection specialist help with?

locating the leak – for a leak that is not obvious through typical signs, specialists are able to find a leak using professional equipment design fro such a matter. the equipment used is extremely effective and guarantees  to locate the link within your home,

Repair the leak,  repair can be done when requested, the process can take up to 12 hours to be finished with, the leak Is detected an  appropriate work carried out using a plethora of tools and equipment, preventative measures are then put into place to avoid the risk of this happening again an again
however please note that it is not possible for s to go inside or underground in order to fix the issue, this can only be done when you can get permission from the home owner or landlord

if there is one in bad condition we will suggest renovation to completely rid of the leak forever